A wedding can be a very big event. If you only have a handful of guests, you can probably manage all the details by yourself. If, on the contrary, you expect hundreds or even thousands of people, things aren’t as easy. You need a wedding planner to help you organize your day, decide upon the best decorations, find suppliers in Vancouver for everything and check on them to make sure they do their job properly. This is how you can avoid unpleasant surprises on your big day. However, finding a good wedding planner can be a challenge in itself. This article is going to give you a few ideas to start your search from.

Business directories can save you a lot of time. You can simply navigate to the events and weddings section and make a note of several wedding planners and event organizers in your area. It’s best to go for local agencies, as this is going to make it easier for everyone to meet and discuss various details along the way.

“You can also consider visiting wedding fairs in your city. Major wedding planners are going to be there, so you are going to have the chance to see what they can do in terms of planning, decorations, and entertainment.”  Maria Hickman of Forever True – Vancouver Wedding Planning says.

She adds “Take your time, visit all booths and try to get in touch with a representative of those companies you like most. Ask them to provide you some credentials and client testimonials, if they can. Most of all, ask to see photos and videos from ceremonies and parties they’ve organized.”

Coming up with a shortlist is easy. Choosing one company is the big deal here. You have to make sure the style and attitude of the wedding planner match your personal style and your personality. You need to be able to communicate easily and to understand each other well. Choose someone who knows how to listen to you and how to welcome your needs, wishes, and ideas in a creative way. Remember it’s your wedding party, so it has to be the bets day of your life. It can’t be the best day if you are going to do things you don’t enjoy. If you are the kind of girl who loves rock and roll and hard rock, you may not be very happy with a planner who loves pink wedding decor, with butterflies, ribbons, and symphonic music.

bride in a wedding dressIn order to find a good wedding planner, you have to be clear about what you want. If you want a romantic wedding, try to choose a planner who has a lot of such ceremonies in their portfolio. If you’d like to have your wedding party on the beach, look for planners who have done lots of them. It’s better to choose someone who’s relatively new in the business but focuses only on the specific type of wedding party you want. In addition, you may end up paying less than in case you pick an experienced company with big staff and huge overheads.

Hiring a Vancouver wedding planner might save you money in the long run. Professional event planners have their favorite suppliers and enjoy discounts and special deals you wouldn’t be able to get without a lot of negotiation. This is why, if you find the right person to help you, you can save money despite the fact that you’d need to pay them a fee for their services. Nonetheless, you have to make sure such discounts are given without any compromise on quality. After all, everything needs to be perfect, all services should be delivered just as scheduled and agreed so that you can have the wedding day of your dreams.