One of the most beautiful things in the world is seeing a kid smile. Even though creating the smile on a child is not a hard thing to do, maintaining the smile and making sure that it remains healthy and radiant is one of the biggest challenges that parents and dentists have. However, children view dentists as boogeymen, so it is important to make their first meeting as pleasant as possible. Here are some steps to ensure that happens:

Choose the right dentist and orthodontist

Having a family dentist that is responsible for providing dental and oral care for all the family members is very important. The dentist, who is also kid-friendly, will be responsible for offering professional dental care, diagnosing and treating any dental related problems on your kid. These may include under formed root canals and gum diseases such as periodontal disease. Also, kid-friendly dentists have their way around kids especially when the former appears to be scared. You should employ the same tactics for orthodontists when it comes to getting the braces. Choosing a trusted orthodontist assures you that you will get the best braces for both yourself and your kid. This necessitates the need to have dental experts who are familiar with your family.

Preparing your kid

The dentist’s proceedings are determined greatly by how well you have prepared your kid for the appointment. Even though as parents you may have your anxieties about the first visit, it is important to put them aside and focus on preparing your young one for the occasion. Take your time to inform your child that a dentist is a nice person who will help clean and count their teeth. However, it is of no importance to go into details about the treatment of cavities and other complex dental therapies that the dentist will administer when preparing your kid. If anything, the first appointment to the dentist does not include anything painful. Read books on dentists and oral health for more information.

Come visit

Before the actual day of the dental checkup, taking your child to a dentist’s office will help them know the doctor and the staff. This helps to prepare the child psychologically so that when the day comes, the ordeal will not be as scary. Additionally, your child will see props such as an oversized toothbrush and “befriend” the dentist. Also, take this opportunity to inquire about the possible list of any other medical conditions that may be affecting your child.

Know what to expect

For any good kid-friendly dentist in Richmond, you and your kid can expect some basic things during your first visit. They include:

  • You can be in the room with your child
  • Your kid can carry their preferred toy
  • The dentist will take count of your kid’s teeth and introduce them to machinery
  • A rotary brush will be used to clean the teeth of your kid
  • You will learn how you can use a straw and remove the saliva
  • Your child will receive a present such as crayons or anything of equal measure

Until next time

After the first visit, your child should follow all of the dentist’s instructions. These include having nutritious diets and brushing their teeth regularly and properly. Also, explain to your kid that there will be future visits to the dentist because such appointments are essential for their dental health. If the first appointment to the dentist is successful, there are higher chances that the rest will not be a problem.

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